WSLY Summer League collection
The WSLY summer league collection is one of BANDIER‘s private label brands. The WSLY Summer League Collection leans into the theme of ‘team colors’ to create an elevated city uniform for the cool & stylish. The imagery will feature color at the forefront pulling colors from a summer city environment.

The collection was inspired by 90s benneton colors with monochromatic looks and shifts in hues. Drawing from college sweatshirts we aimed to speak to the cool and stylish streetwear girl by using color and making a statement in the sweats & sneakers space. Through a simple graphic logo mark the WSLY W leaf crest pays homage to the theme of the stylish summer league team colors.

Campaign launch
Art Direction
Image selects
Graphic Design
Design assets across all marketing platforms

Led and developed the visual language across all BANDIER’S marketing channels including email, social, web and paid advertisement. Led the design team from concept to launch in collaboration with the Creative Director and came up with the logo mark for the new collection.